Sha Cha Sauce

  • What is Sha Cha Sauce

    Sha cha sauce (alse called Sha Cha Jiang) or sa cha sauce (Indonesian "Satay") is a composite condiments, was originally a spicy flavor of the food in Indonesia.

  • Sa Cha Tofu

    Sa Cha Tofu

    Sa Cha tofu (sha cha tofu) is a delicious homemade dish in Chinese food as well as the Sha Cha Chicken. The key condiment that brings the food a savory flavor is Sha Cha Sauce.

  • Chinese Sauces and Seasonings

    In Chinese cooking, a sauce is liquid, creaming or semi-solid food used in preparing other foods, they add flavor, moisture and visual appeal to another dish or be prepared and served cold/hot as dipping sauces with dessert and savory dishes.

  • Sha Cha Mian

    Sha Cha Mian

    This Sha cha mian is a tossed Chinese noodle with sa cha sauce and green onion, simple and delicious recipe for breakfast.

  • Sha Cha Pork

    Sha Cha Pork

    Sha cha pork (also called sa cha pork) is savory stir fry as well as the Sha Cha Shrimp; it cooked with sa cha sauce which is a Chinese condiment used a seasoning for meat or stir fry dishes.

  • Sha Cha Shrimp

    Sha Cha Shrimp

    Sha cha shrimp (sa cha shrimp) is like the Sha Cha Chicken, both are prepared with sa cha sauce, which is a Chinese condiment, has a savory and slightly spicy taste.

  • Sha Cha Chicken

    Sha Cha Chicken

    Sha cha chicken (also called sa cha chicken) recipe is a delicious food prepared with sha cha sauce which is a Chinese condiment primarily used in Cantonese cuisine and Fujian.

  • Sha Cha Beef

    Sha Cha Beef

    Sha cha beef (sa cha beef) recipe is a savory food. The sauce ingredient used in the dish is sha cha sauce that uses as a base for soups, a rub for barbecued meats or as a seasoning for stir fry dishes.