Lo Mein is a popular Chinese dish with wheat flour noodles or egg noodles. Not only in restaurants, fast food stores, also at home, people know how to cook lo mein noodles very well.

It often contains vegetables (bok choy, cabbage) and some type of meat or seafood, usually pork, chicken, beef and shrimp.

Mei Fun is a kind of Chinese noodles, also named rice vermicelli. It is a long, white and thin noodle that popular in the Singapore and southern region of China.

Mei fun is typically made only with rice and water without the addition of salt. Although unorthodox, some producers may add other plant ingredients, like egg, salt, wheat starches to modify the texture and taste of the noodles.

How to prepare the recipes?

In Chinese restaurants, lo mein is a popular fast and take-out food. The parboiled noodles are usually stirred / tossed with a sauce made from light soy sauce, sweet bean sauce or black soybean sauce and other seasonings. Vegetables such as carrot and bean sprouts can be mixed in and meats like pork, chicken are often added.

In Cantonese cuisine, a large number of dishes use the mei fun noodles (“Mai Fun” in Cantonese). Usually the noodles are simmered in broth, flavored with meatballs, fish balls and seafood. In addition, in Hong Kong, Singapore Mei Fun is a dish of fried rice vermicelli, the parboiled noodles were fired with sauce, firm vegetables, such as bean sprouts, carrot and meats and seafood are often added.

Vegetable Mein Fun and Shrimp Mein Fun are the basic dishes. Click the links to learn more.

The Difference Between Lo Mein and Mei Fun

The basic difference is the ingredients, lo mein is made with Chinese egg noodles while the other is made with rice flour, although some producers may add other plant ingredients, like vegetable, salt, wheat starches to modify the texture and taste of the noodles.

For a busy weekend or work days, stirred recipes was made often, as it saves the time of frying, the noodles stirred with fried additional ingredients only. Yet for a aromatic flavor recipe, Mei Fun recipes was recommended to try, as it brings you a dryer, crispy noodles after stir-frying with other ingredients.

Did You Know?

A version sold in many places is sometimes labeled as Chow Mein. “Chow” refers to cooking method stir-fried, don’t confused with lo mein, the two are prepared differently.

In Chinese noodles, the other type that made with rice flour is called Ho Fun/ Sha He Fun. It is a white, slippery and wider noodle, usually simmered in broth or fried with additional ingredient. For more information, click the links.