Both chow mein and chow fun are a kind of stir fry noodles in Chinese cuisine, so it may be hard for people to distinguish them or just frequently assume the main difference between them is the type or shape of the noodles. Actually the main distinction between them lies in how the noodles made of.

What are Mein and Fun in Chinese?

Mein” normally refers to Chinese egg noodles that are made of wheat flour, egg and water. Although there are many different types of noodles was available. Sometimes fettuccini or linguini also makes a good substitute if available.

Fun” is a type of Chinese noodle made of rice. There are two main types of fun noodles including “Shaho Fun” that is white in color, broad and somewhat slippery, another was called “Mei Fun” that is thin and long noodles. Both fun noodles stir fried or boiled in soups or added to salad.

How to Prepare Chow Fun and Chow Mein

No matter what noodle was used in chow mein or chow fun recipes; we have to make sure they are parboiled or softened until nearly done, except the white and slippery ho fun.

chow fun recipesChow fun" can usually stir fried wet. I believe this style uses more water to keep the noodles from sticking. Example of this would be Beef Chow Fun with soy sauce and the basic chow fun.

chow mein recipesChow mein" can be stirred fry in two ways--"dried" and "wet". The wet style uses more water to keep the noodles from sticking, while the dry style requires more oil, you can exactly distinguish them from shrimp chow mein and pork chow mein.

Cooking suggestion: If you are trying out a chow mein recipe yourself, try wet instead of deep-frying them for an authentic taste of China.


Which is better to Taste?

Actually t all comes down to your personal taste and depend on the ingredients you have available, and you time is also important for you to think about.