ho funHo fun or shahe fen, it is a type of wide Chinese rice noodles which is believed to have originated in Guangzhou, the southern Chinese province of Guangdong. And the main ingredient in it is rice.

Ho fun is normally stir fried with meat and vegetables ingredients in a dish called chow fun which is a typical recipe in Cantonese cuisine, sometimes soy sauce or black bean sauce will be added to enhance the flavor.

They have several types, but generally are broad white in color and slippery, they are purchased fresh in strips or sheet and then sliced into strands before cooking or just follow the package instructions.

The difference between Ho Fun and Mei Fun

They are both Chinese rice noodles and can be stir fried or boiled in soups, the notable difference is the shape. Mei fun is a thin noodle and sold dried in packages or in bunches in any supermarket, it could be stored for a long time, and softened until soft while cooking, yet ho fun is wide, white color and sold fresh in package or refrigerated but can’t be stored for no longer than two days, and it is much easier to found in local market.

Chow Ho Fun

The basic chow ho fun recipes are popular in the southern region of China, stir fried with marinated shrimp or meat and vegetables (mung bean sprout, snow peas) and then commonly was tossed together with soy sauce or Chinese black bean sauce.

Beef Chow Fun

A staple dish in Cantonese cuisine, prepared with stir frying beef, hefen and bean sprouts or any fresh vegetables. An important factor in making beef chow fun is to done over a high flame and stir quickly, using a long chopsticks to hand it gentle, so that it will not break into pieces and the amount of oil need to control as well.

How to Cook Ho Fun

Thinking of cooking ho fun is a big test for you? Don’t worry; roll down to see the authentic recipes with photo instructions.