vegetable chow mei funMei fun is a thin noodles in Chinese food, also named "mai fun". They are popular in the Singapore and southern region of China. Generally Chow with chicken or vegetables.

Mei fun is typically made only with rice and water without the addition of salt. Although unorthodox, some producers may add other plant ingredients, like egg, salt, wheat starches to modify the texture and taste of the noodles. They are generally fried in oil until crispy, and maybe also boiled. Served with sauce or other accompaniments, or served in soup, often with meat and other ingredients.

The difference between Mei Fun and Chow Fun

Mei fun is a thin rice noodles. Chow is a type of Chinese cooking method, alse know as stir-fry. chow fun ordinary include chow mei fun and chow ho fun.

Chow Mei Fun

Shrimp Chow mei fun dishes are common in Asia. fried with other ingredients in hot oil. They are popular in the southern region of China, Singapore, Chinese communities in southeast Asia, etc.

Singapore Mei Fun

Sinapore mei funWonderful Recipe for chow mei fun! To start with, here is a confusion we need to make it clear. In fact there is absolutely no this kind of thing as Singapore chow mei fun most likely the mei fun noodles recipe seemed to be delivered to Singapore, then a number of specific flavors and ingredients was added to meet locals taste needs that make it quite popular too.

Calories in Mei Fun

Serving Calories Total Fat Total Carb. Protein
1cup 200 8.5g 13.0g 12.5g

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How to make mei fun

Knowing the correct cooking instructions, to follow:

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